Graefe Flush

A versatile stylish flush door for maximum privacy

Graefe’s Flush door is the perfect specification for offices, schools and other commercial environments where privacy is a key requirement.

Available in a wide selection of real wood veneers, stains, paints and laminates. Specify the flush door painted for understated simplicity or choose a bold veneer to create a statement in a modern office setting.

Our versatile flush door is available in all of Graefe standard sizes and can be specified with a non-fire rated solid or honeycomb core, as FD30 with a 44mm solid core or as FD60 with a 54mm solid core.

Our versatile flush door can be specified as non-fire rated (NFR), up to Fire Rating FD120, meaning the door will keep its integrity for 2 hours. For more information on Fire Ratings CLICK HERE.

Graefe Commercial Flush Internal Veneer Door