Graefe VP06

A commercial door with a central vision panel

Graefe’s VP06 features a vision panel in the middle of the door. This unique design is perfect for modern office doors where good light flow is necessary. Suitable for hotel doors, office doors and school doors. 

The vision panel on the VP06 measures 300x1715mm on a standard 826x2040mm door and is inset 263mm from the either side of the door. 

The door is available in most of Graefe’s standard sizes and can be specified with a non-fire rated solid core, as FD30 with a 44mm solid core or as FD60 with a 54mm solid core. 

The VP06 is available in a wide selection of real wood veneers, stains, paints and laminates.

Graefe Commercial VP06 Glazed Internal Veneer Door
2 glazing bead styles