Graefe Fire and Acoustics

Providing 30 minute, 60 minute or up to 120 minute fire resistance 

In any building, safety is paramount. Fire doors are one of the key elements used for both stopping a fire in its tracks and providing an exit for the buildings occupants. Fire doors are classified and rated using the amount of time it takes for a fire to break through the door, moving from one room to another.

Panelled fire rated doors

Recessed panelled doors are available as fire rated doors. To achieve FD30, providing 30 minute fire resistance, doors need to be specified with a 44mm fire rated core.

If there is no requirement for fire rated doors, panelled doors are available with a 35mm MDF core or 44mm non fire rated (NFR) solid core.

Grooved fire rated doors

Graefe offer two different types of grooved door, the recessed grooved and feature grooved. 

The recessed grooved detail is created by grooving into the HDF layer of the door. The feature panel is recessed to style and rail – this is a deeper groove meaning that, to retain the integrity of the fire door, a 54mm core is used.

A simple feature groove can be specified on all residential doors and are used as standard the Somerville and Worcester. This groove is made into the face of the door, causing no impact to the integrity of the door. A fire rated door with a feature groove only requires a 44mm core. 

Glazed fire rated doors 

All of Graefe’s glazed doors can reach a fire rating of FD30 when specified with a 44mm fire rated core. On an FD30 door, glass thickness will be a minimum of 7mm and glazing intumescent 2mm. 

Graefe’s flush door and VP01-VP07 doors can reach a fire rating of FD60 when specified with a 54mm core, 16mm glass and 2mm glazing intumescent. 

If no fire rating is required, 6mm glass can be specified and there is no need for any glazing intumescent.

Fire rated frames

Graefe door frames provide fire resistance as standard on fire rated doorsets

When a fire rated doorset is required, suitable intumescent is pre-fitted to the door frame as standard when bought as a doorset. 

A 30 minute fire rated doorset requires intumescent which is 10mm wide and 4mm deep as standard. For a 60 minute fire rated doorset, two intumescent strips are required on the door frame. These strips will be located 5mm either side of the centre line of the frame. 

When double doors are specified, in addition to a fire rated frame, an intumescent strip is required on the meeting stiles. 

If no fire rating is required, there is no need for any door intumescent.

FD120 Fire Rated Doors

All Graefe doors are available with a fire rating, a standard fire rating is usually FD30 (30 minutes) or FD60 (60 minutes). The maximum fire rating available is FD120, meaning the door will keep its integrity for 2 hours.

  • 64mm thick door leaf
  • Glazed options available
  • Hardwood lipped
  • Acoustic performance up to 39dB
  • Supplied with veneer faced hardwood frame
  • Available as fully FSC certified
  • Maximum height: 791 x 2632mm
  • Maximum width: 1054 x 2108mm
  • Tested to BS 476-22 at Chiltern International Fire Limited (test reports RF98041 and RF00120 refer)
  • The tested configuration was a single acting pair of overall door size 2100 x 1800mm and the door set achieved 135 minutes integrity during the test