Graefe Door Construction

Our unique door construction for both honeycomb and solid core

Our doors are visually stunning and the variety of designs and finishes in The Graefe Collection means we offer a door to suit every interior. The unique Graefe door construction is designed and built to function in the most demanding of environments, ensuring they retain their beauty for years to come.

Solid core
Solid core is specifically designed for fire rated and acoustic doors. It provides a very stable and substantial door, giving the feel of luxury and making it suitable for heavy duty environments.

Honeycomb core
The honeycomb core is engineered specifically for door manufacture, offering the same look as a solid core with added benefits: cost effective, lightweight but incredibly strong and stable. The reduction in weight allows a quicker and lower cost installation.

Graefe door construction with honeycomb core

A. 38mm wide, dense timber rails

B. 38mm wide, dense timber stiles

C. Lipping to matchdoor face

D. Solid core

E. High density board face adds impact resistance and eliminates lipping trace lines

F. Timber lockblock significantly enhances screw retention

G. Door face

H. Honeycomb core



Graefe Door Configuration

Graefe’s typical door configurations available as standard

Typical door configurations. 

All door configurations can reach FD30 and FD60 as required.

Graefe single door configuration

Single Door

Graefe unequal pair door configuration

Unequal Pair

Graefe double door configuration

Double Door

Graefe Door Sizes

The Graefe Collection doors are all available in the industry standard metric and imperial door sizes. 

Graefe’s advanced frame allows for up to a 70mm tolerance in your structural opening, meaning you can order standard size doors to fit in slightly different structural openings.

Graefe’s standard door sizes ensure great prices, orders delivered in full and on time to site.  Our frames eliminate the need for bespoke sized doors and ordering lots of doors all with slightly different dimensions - causing less risk and stress to the contractor and the end user.

Quite often, bespoke doors can be very expensive, usually require longer lead times and lots of different bespoke door sizes on a project can become a bit of a headache.

To view Graefe’s complete standard door offer, including fire ratings, acoustic ratings and door sizes, download our technical data sheet.